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Picture Show Pundits Episode 26
Duration: 1:17:28 - Published: Monday, June 5, 2006   


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It's the battle of the box office. I'm sure by now you know what the top three were, but when we recorded the show, we had no clue who would rule the BO... that's box office. Anyways! Finally you can enjoy our discussion of the "last" of the X-Men films and the controversial DaVinci Code. So sit back, relax, and try to not have an aneurism.


Cast: Sarah "Reel Monkey" Bonilla, Ray "Macabre Stalker" Bonilla & Nate "Boxman" Zoebl

E-Mail: podcast@pictureshowpundits.com



Movie Review: X-Men: The Last Stand
         o Did the filmmakers really make it "the last stand" or just a gateway

                for spin-offs?

         o "I'm the Juggernaut bitch!"


Movie Review: The DaVinci Code
         o Truly a film for people and not critics.

         o Is John really depicted as oh so feminine or could the Catholic League

                really be trying to cover up the TRUTH?


Movie Review: Over the Hedge
         o Take your whole family!!! It's not trite garbage!


Shameless Self-Promotion: The Edwin J. Hill Social Club



Next Show: The Break-Up, Brick, and Paradise Lost 1 & 2!

Opening Credits: The Godfather Part II - Carmine Coppola & Nina Rota, A New Carpet
Closing Credits: Over the Hedge - Ben Folds, Lost in the Supermarket


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